End-of-studies Design Project Teaching Ecosystems / Natural environments Innovation / Technology / Experimental Layers / Grounds Productive city
Pudong Xinqu
Shanghai, China

Vertical & Cultural Farm

Cyrielle DOUCET & Lucile THOMAS
Original language
University course
ENSAS Master's Program

How to inscribe an innovative and experimental program related to urban agriculture in the heart of Shanghai metropolis?
The project aims to return to the two elements that make up Chinese thought and that have been forgotten by the city: water and earth. In the rich site of the 2010 World Expo, the old area still hosting some foreign pavilions is preserved as a future land reserve for the city. And it is also at this turn of the Huangpu River, in the heart of Shanghai, that Shanghai's port activity was once located.
Located here, Vertical & Cultural Farm would be a geographical window on Shanghai, meeting the local needs for food and activities in this metropolis through an agricultural park attached to the existing riverbank facilities and irrigated from the river. This agricultural park, open to the public, is attached to an energy-sufficient school of agronomy (mixing agronomy, food processing and mechanics) with a regional scope and seeking a national impact. The opening of this traditional agronomy school program allows integrating in the project the current needs of an urban population, with programs of training and workshops open to the public, participatory restaurants and a developed campus life thanks to shops, housing but also new facilities and existing facilities in the vicinity of the site (conference center, etc.)

Finally, this agricultural oasis is connected to the rest of the city through the existing public transport networks and the development of a system of bicycles made available "Shang'bike" with access points spread throughout the city.
Divided into three towers which, through their visual presence and exceptionality, open up new perceptions and landscape perspectives. The challenge of this park is to awaken the curiosity and sensitize the youngest and the oldest to this nature in the city.

Keywords vertical farm, agricultural parc, city-nature relation, Shanghai