End-of-studies Design Project Teaching Innovation / Technology / Experimental Layers / Grounds Livability / Social Practices
Huangpu Qu
Shanghai, China

Urban Cloud

Amandine PARISOT
Original language
University course
ENSAS Master's Program

How to design innovative public spaces for the megacities of the 21st century? The hypothesis retained is that of the construction of a network of aerial urban places which, like a group of clouds, cling to the buildings while linking them together. The concept of the "cloud" refers to an architecture dominated by curves and flows; particular attention is paid to the treatment of the spaces that form the hooks, both to the buildings and to the ground.
Proposed in the northern part of the 2010 World Expo site, the "urban clouds" house an art-related program (specialized schools, shared offices for graphic designers, architects, exhibition spaces, etc.) and draw - over 5 km - a link between the city and the river. The public route, punctuated by plazas and footbridges, is organized around the clouds. On the ground, by bike, by car or on foot, the circulation is done through gardens and green spaces that replace the large asphalt expanses of the exhibition.