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The Power of Urban Architecture

Time Space Existence - Biennale di Venezia 2018
Original language
May - November 2018
Corresponding places
Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy

Any reflection on the City is first and foremost a discourse on Architecture that crystallizes in a finite form its elusive characteristics, its Power.

We believe in reactivating the Power of Urban Architecture by reconsidering the contemporary city as a space of fragments, transformation processes and relations to human life in perpetual rearrangement. This conceptual approach stands by the idea of a once-again rediscovered relationship between architecture and the city.

Moving beyond a rhetorical discourse, the Power of Urban Architecture reveals itself as an experience.We recreate it inside a cubic space – a traditional form used to symbolize Architecture – where plural representations of existing and envisioned metropolitan spaces collapse to form a dynamic virtual city. Before entering the interior volume, we face its external surface, an Atlas that offers the keys to our understanding of the diverse theories and approaches to urban architecture through densely-arranged fields of images. Carried inside, these images become part of a kaleidoscopic vision where urban fragments are endlessly re-thought, re-drawn, re-read, re-flected. The inner space “breaks” from within the limits between scales, interior and exterior, conceptual and physical territories.

 From surface to depth, from static to dynamic, seemingly infinite layers of understanding develop, progressively intensified through successive phases of abstraction, to reveal the complexity of the ever-changing city. Thus, distinct objects can arise from the apparently organized urban system, embracing uncertainty and its infinite possibilities.

Keywords urban architecture, dynamic visualisation, ever-changing city