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Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg Métropole. Ourlets Urbains dans la Ville-Mosaïque

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The book looks at certain territories of the Strasbourg metropolis that today define the limits of the dense city and are the scene of new transformations. In search of their specificities, the architects, urban planners, sociologists, anthropologists and psychosociologists who have signed the various articles propose a reflection on the "spaces of the in-between". They question what lies between the pieces of the urban mosaic, between temporal and spatial scales, between city-making society-and making. These "urban hems" are the reflection of these multiple intermediaries: interstices, limits, interfaces, thresholds, borders, edges, cracks, seams, postures. 
The structure of the book finds its coherence in a kind of mirroring between the different territories, made of hybridizations, back and forth, crossbreeding and mutual influences. The first part questions the garden city model, both in Strasbourg and in other European regions. Historical views and current readings of future visions raise questions specific to in-between configurations, which are increasingly numerous in our metropolitan spaces today. How can we understand their structuring elements, which are sometimes contradictory? How can we grasp their meaning? How can we inhabit and think about them without altering their rich interstitial nature? How to envisage their future without freezing them? It is from these questions that the second part of the book should be read, which broadens the horizon of reflection to interstitial spaces of the Strasbourg metropolis, with variable geometries, scales and angles of view.

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Strasbourg Métropole
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