Graduate work Research & teaching Layers / Grounds Mirroring territories Mobility / Transportation Obsolescence / Renewal / Recycling
Pudong Xinqu
Shanghai, China
Paris, France

Multileveled Walkable City

Shanghai / Paris
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The 2019 Edition of the IMM FabLab (Lockdown Edition) aims to explore the metropolitan grounds by looking into their multiple city layers. The ambition is to understand the typologies and spatial qualities of this urban architecture sustaining the 3D infrastructure of public spaces, the way it has transformed and diversified within major metropolises, in China and in France, but also to explore new design and planning approaches for the vertical city. Its walkable character and the way city layering allows urban mobility transformation will be one of the focal points of this design investigation. 

Skyways, underground spaces, hybrid in-between squares, how do the multiplying city groundscapes reflect the challenges and the aspirations of their time ? How do they contribute to transform urban environments, mobility, uses? And how could they become precious ressources for cities facing the current environnemental and social challenges?

Keywords urban architecture, project of the ground, layers, underground city, vertical city, slow mobility