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Strasbourg, France
Shanghai, China
Contemporary metropolises

Metropolises in Design

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20-25 students / year

Today's metropolitan territories are increasingly difficult to grasp in their complexity: they present a tangle of infrastructures, inhabited fabrics and disparate isolated objects. They give the image of a patchwork city, so different from the reassuring image of our old dense city centers. And yet, this is our city today! How can we read and understand these metropolitan territories through their forms and uses? How can we grasp their disturbing complexity so that it can be the subject of a project? To try to answer these questions, we question the scales and specificities of these elements of today's city: railroads, urban highways, train stations, housing areas, public and collective spaces, with a specific entry: mobility. These elements will be captured at the architectural scale and will be related to the globality of the territory in order to understand the great figures that allow to describe it.

Keywords contemporary metropolises, analytical method