End-of-studies Design Project Teaching Innovation / Technology / Experimental Layers / Grounds Livability / Social Practices
Jing'an Qu
Shanghai, China

Living Memory

Mnemonic metropolitan update (Shanghai)
Mickaël GIRAUD
Original language
University course
Double Master's Degree Program ENSAS-CAUP Tongji

How to integrate in today's megalopolis places dedicated to death, spaces of memory and timeless connection with the deceased? 
Based on an analysis of the places of commemoration of the dead in Chinese urban culture, the project proposes the creation of a temple of "living memory", where human and digital flows merge in atemporal spaces, both reminiscent of monumental forms of the past and a bridge between physical realities and invisible energies. Two symbolic places accompany the pedestrian's journey: the ring that brings together and develops the flows in the horizontality of the city, and the tower that concentrates them in an ascending rhythm.

Keywords death spatiality, places of memory, contemplation, connection with the deceased, funerary practices