End-of-studies Design Project Teaching Innovation / Technology / Experimental Mobility / Transportation
Entzheim, France
Strasbourg, France


A new centrality at Strasbourg airport
Yuzi XIE, Zhihan WANG
Original language
University course
double Master's Degree Program ENSAS-CAUP Tongji

"Aero-island" is a concept based on the archipelago condition of Strasbourg and new trends in aerial mobility. The project aims to propose a new urban centrality near Aéroport de Strasbourg and takes new technologies like drones and new logistics transport systems into account. Reorganizing traffic flows, natural corridors and public spaces, the project integrates this new urban core into the evolving metropolitan spatial system. The multiscale design proposal explores the possibility of a both high-tech and human-friendly airport-island, respecting the natural features of the territory as well as Strasbourg's metropolitan ambitions. 

Keywords innovative mobility, archipelago city, public space, urban development